PunchRiot accepts and reads unsolicited submissions year-round.

Be sure to read the About page and check out the Sample Magazine to get some idea of what we publish.

We’re interested in renegade, outsider writing that tends to be rejected by the entertainment and cultural institutions dominated by leftists and cultural marxists. We feature a random, healthy mix of any of the following in each issue: literary and genre fiction; poetry; observation; humor; opinion; poetry; creative non-fiction; music appreciation; biography; intersexual dynamics; cultural analysis and criticism; art, especially observation, humorous, and satirical cartoons and pinup art.

Publication Rights

We pay for First Serial Rights and First Electronic Rights. We do publish simultaneous submissions and previously published material that meets our needs and requirements, but we only pay for previously unpublished material.

We also reserve the right to use selections from accepted works in our marketing and communications, and require an 8 (eight) week moratorium for republishing of purchased works in any format or media from date of publication (masthead date) in PunchRiot.

Acceptance & Notifications

Authors we want to work with will be notified of acceptance or interest within twenty-one (21) business days of submission. We do not notify authors of rejection. No notification within notification window indicates rejection.


Compensation will primarily be distributed through PayPal. Cryptocurrency payment options are available as of 1 December 2020; inquire for details.

Standard compensation for written work is at $0.01 USD per word (minimum $10.00, total) in body of text plus the magazine PDF emailed to the author.

Compensation for art work is comparable to written work (plus the PDF emailed to the artist) and will be quoted to the artist upon interest/acceptance.

Authors whose work has been accepted for publication will receive an emailed statement of acceptance and publication terms.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit to

  1. All entries should include the following information in the email or download:
    1. First & Last Author Name for the byline
    2. Title
    3. Word count
    4. PayPal email address for payment
    5. A brief bio (Max 75 words). Website address, social media accts, and links to Amazon products page are acceptable inclusions.
  2. All entries should be submitted in an editable electronic format: plain text (.txt); rich text format (.rtf); PDF; MS Word/Mac Pages/etc. Basically, anything that can be easily copied and pasted while retaining layout (paragraphs, etc.).

    Plain text is preferred and we will love you long time for using it.
  3. Maximum length is 2000 words for written work.
  4. We are interested in drawings, doodles (as accent graphics), and simple cartoons. Keep in mind that the magazine is published as a PDF and is optimized for print. Art work should be submitted in a scalable electronic format.

Editorial Guidelines

Standard formatting is single line spacing with five (5) space indents for paragraphs. We reserve the right to reformat to meet consistency, readability, and operational guidelines.

We perform minimal copywriting and line editing as necessary to meet our editorial standards based on the Chicago Manual of Style, Strunk & White, and Standard Edited American/British English. No major changes will be finalized and published without collaboration with the author.