WEBCAST PunchCast #2: Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers w/Nick August, MT White, and TJ Martinell

Novelists TJ Martinell and MT White join PunchRiot’s publisher Nick August to discuss Heinlein’s Hugo award-winning novel Starship Troopers. Why is Starship Troopers often criticized for promoting fascism? If science fiction provides some measure of criticism of the age in which it is written, what does Starship Troopers have to say about where we’ve been …

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RECOMMENDED The Eclectic Band-Aid Fishing Trip: 92 in the Shade by Thomas McGuane

Imagine Batman vs. the Joker except less self-righteous and without merch or fast-food tie-ins. Or imagine Wall Street in a subtropical paradise except no one is rich or powerful, and no pointed lessons are learned. Or imagine a Hemingway fishing story as written by Hunter S. Thompson and you’re getting very close to Thomas McGuane’s 92 in …

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